A wonderful Mecca for weary pilgrims

(J. R. Miller, "Devotional Hours with the Bible")

Church Every church should be in its community, as nearly as possible–what Christ would be–if He lived again in human form in a house just where the church stands.

Imagine Jesus living here, and people coming to Him just as they used to do when He had His home for many months at a certain home on a certain street in Capernaum. Would not our church become a wonderful Mecca for weary pilgrims? The sorrowing, would come to find comfort. People having problems and perplexities, would come to have them solved. Those who have stumbled and fallen, would come to be forgiven and helped to start again. The weary, would come to get rest. This corner would be a great resort–for all who feel any need of help.

Then all who come–would find a home for their souls here. We know how Christ welcomed all who came to Him. He was everybody’s friend! No one was ever turned away from Him, unhelped. The church should be to the people who come to it–what Christ was to those who came to Him. It should be a true home of the soul.

It is in a spiritual way, that the church should chiefly serve us. Some people forget this, and think that it is the business of the church to provide entertainment for those who come to it. We sometimes hear people complain that the church does nothing to furnish ‘good times’ for the young. But frankly, that is not the purpose of the church.

Are schools–public schools, high schools, colleges–established to entertain those who come to them? Places of amusement are established to entertain–but the purpose of a school is to teach, to educate, to train the mind, to develop the intellect.

Just so, the mission of a church is not to amuse, to provide fun and entertainment–but to lead people to Christ, to train them in Christian duties, to build up godly character in them, and to prepare them for usefulness and service to the souls of men.

Entertainment is never to be the great purpose of the church. The aim must always be to honor God–and make the worshipers more holy!

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