A saving ‘coming to Christ’

(Arthur Pink, "The Call of Christ")

"Come unto Me, all you who are weary and heavy laden–and I will give you rest." Matthew 11:28

What did our Lord here signify, when He bade all the weary and heavy laden to come unto Him?

It is quite evident that coming to Christ is something more than a physical act. Coming to Christin the sense He here invited, is a going out of the soul after Him, a desire for Him, a seeking after Him, a personal embracing of and trusting in Him. It is the heart turning from the love of sin–to the love of holiness; from SELF–to the Savior!

A saving coming to Christ denotes a turning our backs upon the world–and turning our hearts unto Him as our only Hope and Portion. It is the abandoning of every idol–and the surrendering of ourselves to His Lordship. It is the repudiation of our own righteousness and every dependency, and the heart going out to Him in loving submission and trustful confidence. It is the entire going out of SELF with all its resolutions and performances, to cast ourselves upon His grace and mercy. It is the will yielding itself up to His authority to be molded by Him, and to follow Him wherever He may lead.

In short, coming to Christ is the whole soul of a guilty and self-condemned sinner–turning unto a whole Christ, in the exercise of all our facilities, responding to His claims upon us, prepared to unreservedly trust, sincerely love, and devotedly serve Him.


One response to “A saving ‘coming to Christ’

  1. HE is not leading us anywhere.

    Heaven & Hell do not exist. We know not from whence we came. Only Oblivion awaits!

    The mind of Man is fundamentally prone to the generation of illusions. Everyone is infected with an imaginative ‘Spiritual’ tendency – sentimentally induced – & is ‘merely’ the natural wonderment of our existence & surroundings.

    HE is but an invisible & silent entity, dreamt up & blessed with existence only by Charlatans who have long preyed on the naivety of the credulous.

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