What was wrong with him?

(Arthur Pink)

“One thing you lack” Mark 10:21

Those words addressed by our Lord to the rich young ruler who had approached Him with such apparent eagerness and earnestness, and in whom there were some admirable qualities which are rarely found in young men, especially those of affluence.

Yet there was a fatal defect, for the sequel informs us that he turned from Christ, and “went away sad” (Mark 10:22). What was wrong with him? “‘One thing you lack–Go, sell everything you have and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow Me.’ At this the man’s face fell. He went away sad, because he had great wealth.” (Mark 10:21-22).

There was a struggle between his convictions and his corruptions; he desired to serve two masters–God and mammon; and when Christ told him that was impossible, he was chagrined.

His fatal deficiency may be described in a variety of ways. He had no conviction that he was a ruined, lost and Hell-deserving sinner, no consciousness that he was a spiritual leper in the sight of God, no realization of his utter helplessness to better his condition. Though religious, he was still in nature’s darkness, and therefore, his affections were not raised above the vanities of this world. There was no love for God within him; and consequently, he was unwilling to deny himself, abandon his idols, and give God His rightful place in his life–serving, pleasing, and enjoying Him. He lacked a real and unreserved surrender of his heart to God.

Is that the case with you, dear reader?

Photo: Dead Branches by David Wagner


2 responses to “What was wrong with him?

  1. No conviction that he was a hell-bound sinner. That seems to be the way of the whole world — and that is why they hate Christians. They don’t want to be reminded of their sins — especially if they think they are doing a lot of good works. Thank you for sharing this because we all need to constantly remind ourselves of our lost condition without Christ. In the political correctness of today’s world, they claim it is wrong to point out a sin because a person’s self-esteem will be injured. That kind of political correctness seeks to ruin any sort of faith in God. We need to realize the truth about ourselves.

  2. Yes that is true we cannot see Him until God’s light shines on our lost condition, then we know how much we need Him……He only came for the lost……

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