The presence of a compassionate God!

(Brooks, “A Word in Season to Suffering Saints”)
“His compassions never fail!” Lamentations 3:22
Each believer has the presence of . . .
  a God of mercy,
  a God of tenderness,
  a God of compassion.
Mercy is as essential to God–as light is to the sun,
or as heat is to the fire. He delights in mercy. Patience,
and mildness, and mercy, and compassion, and peace
–are the fruits of His heart. God’s compassions are . . .
fatherly compassions, Psalm 103:13;
motherly compassions, Isaiah 49:15;
brotherly compassions, Hebrews 2:12;
friendly compassions, Canticles 5:1-2.
Oh, how sweet must the presence of a God of mercy, a
God of compassion–be to the saints in a day of trouble!
The presence of a compassionate friend in a day of distress
is very desirable and comfortable; what then is the
presence of a compassionate God!

Photo by William Sokolenko


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