Every word is practical

(J.R. Miller)

“I have restrained my feet from every evil way, that I may keep Your Word.” Psalm 119:101

We must not merely read the Bible–but strive that we may obey it. If the Bible is not the guide of our life–it is nothing to us. Its truths are to be applied. If we read the Beatitudes, we are to compare ourselves with their Divine requirements–and seek to be conformed to them.If we come upon a Scripture which rebukes any sinful habit or attitude of ours–we are immediately to make the needed amendment. We are to accept its promises, believe them, and act upon them. We are to allow its comforts to enter our hearts, and support us in sorrow.

There is nothing written in the Bible, merely for ornament or beauty. Every word is practical. There is no truth in it which has not some bearing upon actual living. When we come to it eager to know how to live, and ready to obey its precepts–we shall find it opening its inmost meaning to us.

If you love Me, you will keep My commandments.” John 14:15


Photo Credit: Pixabay.com

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